Download A Cascading Waterfall of Nectar by Thinley Norbu PDF

Download A Cascading Waterfall of Nectar by Thinley Norbu PDF

By Thinley Norbu

Like a spontaneous cascade of knowledge nectar, the open and common phrases of Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, easy through scholarly elaboration, circulation the following within the culture of the direct transmissions of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the prior. via statement at the initial Practices (Ngöndrö) prayer from the treasure textual content of the good grasp Tragtung Düdjom Lingpa, insights into many critical practices emerge so that it will deepen realizing of the principles of Vajrayana Buddhism. additionally incorporated within the publication is a remark on Tsok Khang Dechen (Assembly Palace of serious Exaltation), the foundation textual content prayer of the second one Kyabje Düdjom Rinpoche, Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje.

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Because eternalism does not give up the view of an existing self, whether a god is considered intermediate or supreme, there is still the cause of passions and karma, even though the way the appearances of gods arise seems positive according to history or an individual's experience and excels beyond the appearances of ordinary human beings. Since self is not purified, self produces cause and effect. Whenever there is cause and effect, a possessor comes, and there is samsara no matter what aspect of gods arises.

They are just arising; there is no reality. Even if one thinks of them for many eons, to take immeasurable samsara and enlightenment into the path of enlightenment, just arising, there is no reality. Whenever sleeping, still there is sustaining. Even sleep is the unobstructed state. Whenever dreams arise, there is no dream. Just stay in sole awareness mind. Like a bed, one is there relaxing. As Kunkhyen Longchenpa said: In unobstructed space, Whatever comes, Just as it arises, There is nothing exact, Not any reality.

Sgyu 'phrullam rim. don dam bsnyen pa. rtsod dus; Skt. kaliyuga. dgongs 'dus. COMMENTARY ON THE NEW TREASURE OF DUDJOM • 29 In sublime teachings, it is said that if a disciple is on the path of accumulation, the Lama should at least be on the path of joining. If a disciple is on the path of joining, the Lama should be on the path of seeing the true nature. In the middle, after one has examined the Lama, one should be skilled in knowing how to rely on the Lama. As said in The Treasure of Qualities:l5 If a disciple with a bad attitude pretends to be smooth with his tongue, Depending on the Lama like a musk deer, By regarding the precious Dharma as musk obtained, He discards samaya,36 very joyful to hunt again.

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