Download A Complete Session of Meditation by Tony Duff PDF

Download A Complete Session of Meditation by Tony Duff PDF

By Tony Duff

It is a ebook of teachings on how you can do a whole consultation of meditation. The publication is a compilation made via Lama Tony to assist those that wish to coaching meditation within the Kagyu or Nyingma approach. It emphasizes the sensible sort of guide present in the Kagyu culture if you really are looking to do whatever with the brain. It intentionally avoids the scholarly kind taught in another Tibetan Buddhist traditions and focusses without delay on operating without delay with one’s personal brain. still, the booklet is especially certain and transparent approximately all the key issues serious about meditation practice.

The booklet emphasizes the Kagyu strategy particularly. Lama Tony has got teachings from many Kagyu masters and used his wisdom of the culture as a foundation for making the e-book for his personal scholars. Tony chosen vital texts from Gampopa and different early masters to set clarify the foundation for meditation. Tony used to be Mingyur Rinpoche’s first translator and translated lots of his teachings so a few them have been used for the particular directions on meditation inside the booklet. Lama Tony extra different, worthy teachings in accordance with the broad teachings he has acquired over decades from many, varied Kagyu masters, equivalent to Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. the result's a ebook that features a entire educating on how you can do a whole consultation of meditation within the sort of the Kagyu tradition.

The publication starts with a size advent via Lama Tony that's a instructing in its personal correct. Mingyur Rinpoche loves to educate technological know-how and realized loads of what he does be aware of from a lot time spent with Lama Tony, who has a Ph.D. in molecular biology. Lama Tony writes a long piece approximately what can and can't usefully be bought from technology when it comes to dharma perform. this could be of actual curiosity to Westerners, particularly those that think that technology has whatever to provide Buddhist perform. Following the creation, there's a lengthy bankruptcy on buddha nature, that is provided by utilizing a good portion of Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen’s rationalization of the floor in his well-known Mountain Dharma textual content. this article is usually taught through Kagyu authorities with a view to convey the that means of buddha nature. this can be the 1st time that this a part of Dolpopa’s textual content has been totally translated and released. Following that, there's a bankruptcy containing an unpublished paintings of Gampopa that lays out the total Kagyu course. Following that's the seminal textual content written by way of Gampopa that units out his instructing of the 4 Dharmas of Gampopa. This additionally has no longer been released to this point. the following bankruptcy is a transparent educating regularly Kagyu course by means of Mingyur Rinpoche that's in response to Gampopa’s 4 Dharmas. all of the chapters up to now were for atmosphere the degree for the particular teachings on meditation.

The rest of the ebook is taken up with genuine teachings on tips on how to do a whole consultation of meditation. This a part of the ebook is dependent round the instructing on what's referred to as “The 3 Excellences”. Any whole set of meditation will commence with the initial practices of taking safe haven and arousing enlightenment brain. Lama Tony has written a bankruptcy in this. Following that, there's the most perform, which within the Kagyu process of meditation, should be shamatha-vipashyana perform that eventually results in Mahamudra attention. There are a number of, vast chapters that hide the entire issues concerned. those chapters depend for the main half on Mingyur Rinpoche’s instructing. a whole consultation of meditation will finish with the 3rd excellence, that's commitment. For this, there's a brief bankruptcy written by means of Lama Tony in line with teachings got from many Kagyu gurus.

The ebook is kind of varied from many of the books on meditation which are to be had thus far. Lama Tony has used his large wisdom of the Kagyu culture and of Tibetan literature to collect a publication that offers the culture effectively via together with seminal works of early masters and mixing them with modern day teachings. an individual who practises meditation will locate this ebook helpful in lots of other ways and Kagyu practitioners particularly will locate it most respected. furthermore, the total publication corresponds to what Mingyur Rinpoche has set out as his first point of educating for his personal scholars; it is going to be a “must learn” for them.

The publication comprises translations of the subsequent text:

Mountain Dharma, An Ocean of Definitive which means” via Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsan, flooring part

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A Complete Session of Meditation

It is a e-book of teachings on tips to do an entire consultation of meditation. The e-book is a compilation made via Lama Tony to assist those that want to instruction meditation within the Kagyu or Nyingma approach. It emphasizes the sensible variety of guide present in the Kagyu culture when you really are looking to do whatever with the brain.

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In the same way, mind has an illuminative quality that can bring brilliant knowing. However, the mind of an ordinary person has no control over itself and is blown about by external factors therefore, its innate illumination does not come out very strongly. If the mind is protected from that distraction, the illuminative quality of the mind can come on very strongly and bring brilliant knowing. The way to make the mind without distraction is to train it so that it can abide steadily and calmly wherever it is put.

Any and all of them are useful. For any one person, whichever sense object is clear at any given time can be used for the practice. For some people, 66 K EY PO IN T S O F M IN D : SH AM AT H A sights are easiest, for some sounds, and so on. Use whichever of them you find is easiest. Say you are listening to sounds. You have a pain. You think to yourself, “I am listening to sounds. The pain is no good. I must not look at the pain. I must listen to sounds”. ” If that happens, you have not understood the key points of this type of meditation.

Through this kind of process, dualistic mind can be abandoned all together. To meditate using the visual forms as a support for meditation, it is good to place a small object, for example a flower, before you and look at that. W hen you look at the flower, the mind will initially stay with the flower then, after that, it will go off somewhere else. W hen it wanders away and you notice that it has wandered, look at the flower with your eyes and mind again. If you do that repeatedly, the mind will become more tranquil, it will be tamed, and the discursive thoughts and afflictions will be alleviated.

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