Download A New Light on Angels by Diana Cooper PDF

Download A New Light on Angels by Diana Cooper PDF

By Diana Cooper

The ever-present angels of daily life are brought during this absolutely revised and multiplied bestseller. Buoyed via the firsthand reviews of standard those who have interacted with angels, the ebook deals suggestions on easy methods to achieve out to the light beings who've selected to serve mankind via aid, aid, and therapeutic. The identities and reasons of a large number of angels are explored, from the small angels who deal with the slightest day-by-day tasks to the large archangels who solid gentle over nice common tasks. by means of elevating recognition and wisdom approximately those heavenly spirits and the superb companionship they need to provide, this research deals a glimpse right into a extra advanced global filled with peace, mild, and pleasure.

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She chose rebirthing because it is much less intellectual and mindbased than many therapies and decided that it is indeed possible to heal anything — however painful. With this intention she worked with her rebirther. This is what she wrote about her subsequent experience. Following this decision, I started to get what I thought was indigestion — really severe pains around my heart. During the next session, I was breathing as usual and I suddenly heard and felt wings just above my head. Everything became very calm and in my mind’s eye I saw large, white wings around me.

The gentleness of the angels is something often commented upon. A businessman had a terrible fear of torture. He often visited countries with a reputation for torture and always felt in dreadful danger. I regressed him to a past life where he was imprisoned in heavy chains and died under torture. As he experienced this, an angel appeared to him and unchained his body. The beautiful compassionate being gave his tortured body healing and took it away calmly and tenderly. ) He was very affected by the gentleness of it.

After that I regressed him back into his childhood and this time we invited the angels in to help with the healing. Suddenly a ring of angels surrounded and poured pure white light into him. It was quite amazing to watch. They dissolved the hurt and pain of the little abused child which he still carried inside him. He started to sob as he experienced their love and compassion. When he stopped he said he felt absolutely wonderful. Many people are very judgemental about suicide but of course the angels do not judge in any way.

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