Download About The Three Lines That Strike Key Points by Dodrupchen Rinpoche, Visit Amazon's Tony Duff Page, search PDF

Download About The Three Lines That Strike Key Points by Dodrupchen Rinpoche, Visit Amazon's Tony Duff Page, search PDF

By Dodrupchen Rinpoche, Visit Amazon's Tony Duff Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Tony Duff,

In regards to the 3 traces That Strike Key issues: a proof of Thorough reduce With Direct Crossing Woven In via Dodrupchen III, Tenpa’i Nyima

The Dodrupchens are famous as one of many major holders of the Longchen Nyingthig lineage. the 1st Dodrupchen, Jigmey Thrinley Ozer was once an instantaneous disciple of Jigmey Lingpa. After spending a long time with Jigmey Lingpa, he back to East Tibet and confirmed a monastery at Dodrupchen. The 3rd Dodrupchen declared that he could write widely so that it will supply aid for transmission of the lineage. Later, he was once recognized specifically for his writings in aid of the system.

The textual content the following includes a instructing given whilst he used to be fairly younger and exhibits the level to which he understood the depths of the procedure even at that early age. He used to be requested to provide a few rationalization of Garab Dorje’s 3 strains instructing and this article is the end result. this article of the Dodrupchen’s is very fascinating since it used to be no longer incorporated within the unique accumulated Works of this Dodrupchen yet used to be found a lot later and incorporated in basic terms in contemporary variations of the gathered Works.

The 3 strains instructing is without doubt one of the major ways in which Dzogchen view is transmitted nowadays. the 3 strains instructing is basically a educating on Thorough lower. this is often truly noticeable from Patrul’s rationalization of the instructing in his textual content referred to as characteristic of the fantastic, specialist King. actually, Patrul’s textual content is a pithy presentation of how that the Dzogchen lineage transmits the that means of Garab Dorje’s 3 Lines.

Dodrupchen’s rationalization of the 3 traces educating is especially attention-grabbing simply because, as he himself says, the instructing doesn't keep on with the time-honoured form of clarification of Garab Dorje’s educating. it truly is transparent from interpreting the textual content that Dodrupchen used to be explaining the topic from his personal recognition. This makes the textual content a very fascinating supplement to a textual content like Patrul’s function of the specialist, excellent King and we'd strongly suggest that the 2 be learn along side one another. additionally, Dodrupchen’s motives disguise small print that aren't coated or now not basically lined in Patrul’s textual content. it's for those quite a few purposes that Lama Tony felt that this article could be translated and further to PKTC’s choice of texts made particularly for the sake of Dzogchen practitioners.

One of the gains of the transmission of Dzogchen in Tibet, as Lama Tony has skilled it for my part, is that the instructing of Thorough lower isn't rather divorced from the educating of Direct Crossing (thogal). consequently, it truly is no shock that Dodrupchen doesn't cease purely with a proof of Thorough lower during this ebook yet keeps through exhibiting the way it connects to Direct Crossing after which supplies a brief instructing at the details of Direct Crossing.

The ebook comprises the Dodrupchen’s textual content in English. It contains vast notes from Lama Tony to explain tricky issues within the textual content, an entire thesaurus to aid make clear the that means of the original terminology of the process, and the Tibetan textual content besides.

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In short, the alpha purity Thorough Cut’’s rigpa way of being situated within the context of the luminosity of death and becoming is introduced just as it is. Then, each of its various qualities are shown via the various ways of expressing its features such as alpha purity, transparency54, and so on. Then, rigpa’’s way of being situated is introduced well through the guru’’s foremost instructions and, having done so, it is then, in one’’s own mindfulness of the present, to be well and definitely acquainted with.

The way of doing the introduction is, as stated above, that the guru’’s foremost instructions show the fact of the luminosity or the luminosity’’s way of being seated, just exactly as it is. An understanding happens for the disciple because of the introduction which then has to be made into a certainty. An example for the way of doing the introduction is this. continued) always refers to samsaric mind. ) This is a key point for understanding the text according to the author’’s intention. 28 If samsaric mind takes it over, then, because samsaric mind has infinite possibilities, it can and does go anywhere in the unenlightened side.

In other words, it goes from someone who has just been introduced to rigpa for the first time up to someone who is becoming adept at being in rigpa with everything entailed by it. There is more to go though. 40 ““Crystal clear bliss”” means a bliss that is within an environment where all the stuff of dualistic mind has been cleared out so that only the pure portion——which in this teaching of nyingthig is rigpa——remains. 41 ““Rigpa’’s gadgetry”” means the stuff made up by rigpa and brought into manifestation.

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