Download Advances in Clinical Neuropsychology: Volume 2 by Roger Williams, Verne S. Caviness Jr. (auth.), Ralph E. PDF

Download Advances in Clinical Neuropsychology: Volume 2 by Roger Williams, Verne S. Caviness Jr. (auth.), Ralph E. PDF

By Roger Williams, Verne S. Caviness Jr. (auth.), Ralph E. Tarter, Gerald Goldstein (eds.)

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Das vorliegende Buch enth{lt die Beitr{ge eines internatio- nalen Symposiumszum Thema "Stimulierte Hirndurchblutung". Vorgestellt werden zun{chst neue Erkenntnisse zur rules der Hinrdurchblutung. Im 2. Abschnitt kommen verschiedene Methoden zur Messung der Hirndurchblutung zur Sprache, die sowohl unter experimentellen als auch unter klinischen Be- dingungengetestet wurden.

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This is a rare malformation of the rostral forebrain. Olfactory structures are invariably absent, and the eyes are variably malformed. " There is a single cerebral cavity or ventricle surrounded by a shield-like shell of cortex which may be convoluted. This is shown in Figure 15. The cortex may be normally thick with a six layered pattern. In some cases, Yakovlev (1959) was able to identify several characteristic cytoarchitectural subfields. The horseshoe-shaped posterior rim of the cerebral vesicle consists of symmetrical hippocampal formations.

They have developed surgical techniques whereby monkey fetuses can be removed temporarily from the uterus while appropriate monitoring devices are applied, and returned to the uterus for the remainder of gestation. Later when pregnant monkeys are restrained for testing, unanesthetized mothers become fearful and exhibit an appropriate autonomic response. Although maternal blood pressure and pulse rise appropriately, the cerebral circulation of the fetus may fall substantially, sometimes to levels compatible with tissue destruction.

1978a,b). This anomaly has been associated with the "fetal alcohol" syndrome (Jones, Smith, Ulleland, & Streissgath, 1973), but is probably not specific to any teratogeny. The illustrated example in Figure 26 is associated with what appears to have been a relatively mild injury directed to the most superficial part of the developing cortex; that is, to the interface of the mesenchymal membranes and the molecular layer. At points where damage has occurred, a mesenchymal-neuroglial scar has formed.

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