Download All-seeing Boy and the Blue Sky of Happiness, The: A by Nick Kettles PDF

Download All-seeing Boy and the Blue Sky of Happiness, The: A by Nick Kettles PDF

By Nick Kettles

The All-Seeing Boy believed that there needs to be the way to make humans satisfied. Then he met the mysterious hobo Jason Carper Esquire who taught him in regards to the blue sky of happiness . . . and our inherent, just a little magical skill to deliver happiness to others.

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4) The fourth illustrates the joy of all three when they no longer conceptualize the inconceivable topics and thereby do not repudiate evolutionary causality. 5) The fifth simile illustrates the joy of considering the conceivable, aggregates, elements, media, and so forth, and of abandoning the erroneous attitudes toward the four inconceivable topics, thereby Introduction • xxxi achieving perfect enlightenment abandoning all obscurations. This fifth joy is that of the person who understands the meaning of the universal vehicle.

The previous systematization of the universal vehicle, that of Nagarjuna and sons, also had the foul smell of nihilism in its constant harping on emptiness, highlighting the superficially frightening aspect of the Transcendent Wisdom Discourses. The sweet taste of its beneficial import, therefore, had to be revealed by the Idealistic hermeneutic, critiquing the exaggerated dualistic realism of the individual vehicle by means of its Idealistic reduction to the reality of mind-alone, and critiquing the exaggerated nihilism of the Centrists by its Experientialist grounding of the viability of relativity in the ineffability of the nondual relative reality.

In any case, it is not necessary to go into a detailed philosophical study of Asanga's and Vasubandhu's theories in this introduction. The Literature is an inspired work presenting the gems of the universal vehicle discourses on many topics xliv - Introduction other than the mental nature of things. It does not announce any sort of affiliation with a school or ideology, presents a plausible interpretation of the Discourses, and deserves to be read on its own terms as a work of inspiration and insight.

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