Download Amy and Gully with Aliens by W.W. Rowe PDF

Download Amy and Gully with Aliens by W.W. Rowe PDF

By W.W. Rowe

During this event tale, young children are beamed aboard an alien spacecraft. Amy and Gully be capable to outwit their captors--only to achieve that they might have made issues worse. yet appearances end up misleading. quickly they're given interactive exams concerning a mystical motion picture display. the tale they see resembles the lifetime of Siddhartha (the younger Prince who ultimately grew to become the Buddha). ultimately, Amy and Gully notice that they're in a position to input the magic monitor and perform the motion picture itself! the children even meet and relief the enlightened Prince in a perilous yet funny episode. Amy and Gully find out about the interconnectedness of all existence, selfless compassion, and the ability of natural goal. this is often an self sufficient sequel to Amy and Gully in Rainbowland. This alluring booklet reads like a thriller.--Mindful Parenting

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61 62 Amy shut her eyes and wished very hard for the fox’s wound to heal. Then she saw a little bird with a splint on its wing, hopping awkwardly. Its tiny body swayed, lurched, and fell over. David gently picked up the bird and adjusted the splint. “I can’t believe this guy,” Gully exclaimed. ” Amy’s face was very serious. ” Mala smiled. “That’s right. Animals can often sense a person’s intentions. ” The fox had risen to his feet. His wound seemed to have healed almost miraculously, but the picture on the screen was changing .

56 “Yes, Kamir. Father has begun to favor him. ” Outside the door, Dargon’s mother put her hand across her mouth and hurried away . . The next picture showed a white porch overlooking the palace gardens. The King sat in a wicker chair. The Queen, in a yellow robe, stood behind him. Her face looked sad and determined. “Oh, good! She’s going to tell him and save David! ” The Queen was speaking rapidly. “Dargon must have taken the other jewels too. Three servants have been wrongly beaten! ” The King sighed.

It’s on automatic pilot. It must be. ” Amy kept sobbing. “We’re . . gonna . . ” Gully rushed over to the control panel. Amy followed, sniffling. They stared helplessly at the dials, keys, and switches. ” said Gully. “We’d better turn one of the Snoods back on. ” Amy’s face brightened. ” “I . . ” Amy started sobbing again. “Don’t cry, Amy. ” Gully tried to sound confident. “There aren’t that many. It won’t take—” He was interrupted from behind by a strange noise. Amy and Gully both jumped. It sounded like peals of musical laughter.

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