Download Analytical Pyrolysis. Techniques and Applications by Kent J. Voorhees PDF

Download Analytical Pyrolysis. Techniques and Applications by Kent J. Voorhees PDF

By Kent J. Voorhees

1984 (this quantity is the results of lectures provided on the 5th foreign Symposium on Analytical Pyrolysis, held at Vail, Colorado), hardcover variation, Butterworths, London, U.K. Hardcover name, 486 pages

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In addition, the usual ions like CN~ (m/z - 26), OCN~ (m/z = 4 2 ) and C 3 N~ (m/z = 50) are seen. These 25 ions are common for nitrogen containing compounds and are believed to be produced directly in the laserinduced plasma. Other zwitterionic compounds, similar to the amine carboxylates, are the sultanes; an example is shown in £. Figure 15 shows both the positive and negative ion spectra of 5. »3 HHCHata-N-iCH^SOä CH3 (M-CH3) 1*0 160 180 200 220 240 260 260 300 POSITIVE ION LDMS + Ç"3 HHCH^o-N-lCHzlSOCH3 ( M+H-S03 )* (M+CH3) (M+CH3-S03) llLJiJ "l Γ 185 1 205 1 225 1 245 1 265 322 1 285 JLL1 — 1 — r 1 305 325 345 36Î ÇH3 Fig.

The "in beam" approach was reported some time ago by 43 Reed', b u t has become more practical recently, due t o the increased use of computer controlled mass scann i n g and data acquisition, which enables time separat i o n o f the b r i e f molecular ion production, from the longer l a s t i n g pyrolysis processes 2 . These ''in-beam" methods go under a variety o f names3, having been called " d i r e c t CIIi4, "flash desorption" 5 , "desorption CI" and " d i r e c t exposure chemical ionization" 6 Most commercial manufacturers of mass spectrometers now o f f e r DCI or direct exposure probes as a standard accessory.

Z. Anal. Chem. » 30*· Jordan, K. D · , unpublished studies, University of Pittsburgh, 1982. ; Destefano, A. ; Sanders, R. , Org. Mass Spectrom. 1980, JLjs 348. Sanders, R. ; Destefano, A. , Org. Mass Spectrom. 1980, JJ^, 348. Bowie, J. , Org. Mass Spectrom. 1972, £ , 429. Gardella, J. ; Hercules, D. ; Heinen, H. , Spectrosc. Letters, 1980, 21» 347. Gardella, J. ; Hercules, D. , Z. Anal. Chem. 1981, 308, 297. 41 2 PYROLYSIS AND DESORPTION MASS SPECTROMETRY. Robert J . Cotter, Department of Pharmacology, The Johns Hopkins U n i v e r s i t y , Baltimore, Maryland 21205 (USA) Field desorption (FD), secondary ion mass spectro- metry (SIMS), plasma desorption (PDMS), laser desorp­ t i o n (LD), and f a s t atom bombardment (FAB) techniques have greatly increased the c a p a b i l i t y of mass spectrometry f o r analyzing l a r g e , n o n - v o l a t i l e molecules.

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