Download Angel Tech: A Modern Shamans Guide to Reality Selection by Antero Alli, Robert Anton Wilson PDF

Download Angel Tech: A Modern Shamans Guide to Reality Selection by Antero Alli, Robert Anton Wilson PDF

By Antero Alli, Robert Anton Wilson

Angel Tech is a consultant for the conclusion of the Multidimensional Self. the nice neurological scripts of the prior are synthesized and modernized for our day: Tarot, Cabala, Alchemy, the Hindu Chakra method and extra are all made obtainable and comprehensible

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We make new fleshy robots. So, once that's clear, our options become more obvious. We can choose how to survive. Freedom is really just a matter of style, wouldn't you say? CD: Very interesting.. so what did this manual tell you? KM: Without going into too many details, it told me about the nature of Intelligence and how there are different functions of Intelligence. eight of them to be precise. as a system for Intelligence increase. These functions followed an evolution from the most basic, simple way to survive to the most wayout, expanded..

Graduation can only occur with the thorough Absorption, Organization and Communication of our Physical Safety. The absorption of safety depends entirely upon how vulnerable we can be. SAFETY FIRST! Any setting providing a womb-like feeling or environment is one way to excite the support to feel safe enough to relax control. " First Grade Homework is with locating how we let go and trust. Trust means that there is a possibility of us not being violated, hurt or killed in this moment. The direction is surrendering to this moment until our next security threat (survival attack), wherein safety can be restored by ourselves.

Follow through with your actions. Your body is a lie-detector. If a promise is broken the body feels betrayal. This emotion can be projected outwardly and dramatized in relationships. Such a seemingly small negligence can lead to self deception. The credo of keeping word is especially potent where physical rewards are concerned. If you promise yourself physical assurance and do not follow through body/self-esteem diminishes. The organism picks up everything. The physical body is the visible manifestation of the so-called Subconscious Mind.

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