Download Animal Experimentation: The Consensus Changes by Gill Langley PDF

Download Animal Experimentation: The Consensus Changes by Gill Langley PDF

By Gill Langley

This booklet addresses functional and philosophical matters concerning the use of animals in biomedical study, checking out and educating. It does so with the purpose of proposing evidence and arguments to inspire scientists to re-evaluate their perspectives approximately animal experiments.

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19 20 Animal Experimentation: The Consensus Changes came to an abrupt end in the autumn of 1981, but not because the project was judged unpromising or because someone raised a hue and cry about the ethics involved. Like so much else in the world at that time, Ventricle's project was a casualty of austere economic times. There simply wasn't enough government money available to renew the grant application. One would have to forsake all the instincts of a reporter to let the story end there. Karen persevered and, under false pretences, secured an interview with Ventricle.

And it would be wrong, not because (or only if) there were utilitarian considerations, or contractarian considerations, or perfectionist considerations against his doing his research on these human beings, but because it would mark a failure on his part to treat them with appropriate respect. To ascribe inherent value to competent human beings, then, provides us with the theoretical wherewithal to ground Ill-gotten Gains 37 our moral case against using competent human beings, against their will, in research like Ventricle's.

As for us, we cannot lodge a whine of a moral objection if species membership, besides being a biological difference, is a morally relevant one. Before we give our assent to this idea, therefore, we ought to consider whether, were we to come face to face with another powerful species of extraterrestrials, we would think it reasonable to try to move them by the force of moral argument and persuasion. g. race or sex), constitute a morally relevant difference of the kind we seek. But we will also need to remind ourselves that no double standards are allowed: though non-human primates and humans do differ in terms of the species to which each belongs, that difference by itself is not a morally relevant one.

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