Download Effective Advertising by Gerard Tellis PDF

Download Effective Advertising by Gerard Tellis PDF

By Gerard Tellis

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No longer will the salesperson have sole responsibility for the customers. It will now be the job of both marketing communications and the sales group working together, sharing a common database of information that will be the new sales coverage model. 2 The New Sales Coverage Model It’s tough to sell today! No one disagrees with this. The issue is— what to do about it? As a former sales manager, I can report that, traditionally, the secrets to sales success were all wrapped up in the salespeople and their effectiveness.

Many of these firms are referenced in the Resource Directory. Second, a new automated form of call messaging has been developed by SoundBite. This approach either leaves a message on the voice mail of the target or, if the person answers, has a voice-interactive capability that allows for an interaction. This new technique has been used successfully to obtain re-ups for qualified magazine subscriptions and to leave a message that a direct mailing is on the way. All direct marketers are looking to increase response rates, and a carefully timed telephone call can bump the number of responses.

Rarely, in my more than thirty-five years of sales and marketing experience, has the question been raised as to how much it was costing to acquire and keep customers. Everything was measured in revenue results. The ultimate example is, of course, the recent dot-com era, in which companies were spending far more money to acquire customers than the total revenue each customer would realistically generate in a one-, two-, or even five-year period. The odd thing was that most were aware of this imbalance but went ahead anyway.

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