Download APL with a mathematical accent by C.A. Reiter, W.R. Jones PDF

Download APL with a mathematical accent by C.A. Reiter, W.R. Jones PDF

By C.A. Reiter, W.R. Jones

This publication might be of curiosity to arithmetic scientists operating within the parts of linear algebra, summary algebra, quantity thought, numerical research, operations study and mathematical modelling

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Gridlinesare removed usingthe tool found in the Page Layout j Sheet Options group. (b) Enter the formula =A2""B2 in cell C2 and fill down to C10 by double clicking the fill handle. (c) The formulas in F1 and F2 are =SUM(Bl:B10) and =SUM(Cl:C10), respectively. Compute these using the AutoSum tools as in step (f) of Exercise 1 but using the Sum option. The shortcut to =SUM( is ~+0. (d) Compute the average in F3 with =F2/Fl. We will complete the exercise by demonstrating Excel's SUM PRODUCT function.

TRUNC. 6) returns - 6. MROUND Returns a number rounded to the required multiple. 89,4) returns 8. ODD Rounds a number to the nearest odd integer. 25) returns 5. Using Functions 55 ROUND Rounds a number to the required number of places. 56,0) returns 124 (nearest integer) ROUNDDOWN Behaves similarly to ROUND but always rounds down. ROUNDUP Behaves similarly to ROUND but always rounds up. TRUNC Truncates a number to an integer; cf. INT. 6) returns - 5 INT(x) and TRUNC(x) differ only when the argument is negative.

You get a message stating that you cannot change just one cell in an array formula. -J 1 to commit the formula. The MINVERSE function returns a #VALUE! error if the number of columns and rows of A are not equal, or when any cells contain nonnumerical values. Some square matrices cannot be inverted and will return the #NUMl error value with MINVERSE. The determinant for a noninvertable matrix is o. (f) The determinant of matrix Ais found in D9 with the nonarray formula =MDETERM(A4:B5). (g) A reader who is familiar with matrix algebra might wish to experiment with =MMULT(A3:BS, A9:B10) in G9:H10 (h) Save the workbook.

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